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Creatures of all origins and fandoms are welcome here.

Stop_SIDS community auction

Hey guys! I wanted to let you about this fund raising community I'm part of called stop_sids  . Our goal is to raise money for SIDS research and we'll be having an auction that will be starting on May 1st. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can help me pimp this auction out to everyone.   Please come and participate and spread the word around. No family should ever have to experience this tragedy!

New comm for the show, "The Borgias"

Literally just created this, and am very excited about the show. :) In need of mods as well! Fan of the show? Join today!


Thanks! :)

Who is John Galt?

We may not know who John Galt is, but we sure do talk about it--and Ayn Rand, her ideas, fanfic, fanart, and anything related to the upcoming film trilogy based on Atlas Shrugged. Well, we will if you join the community!

Join the strike at galts_gulch.

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spn_fic_club is a new community where we will read a fic and then reflect on it from a given prompt. We've got our first round up, and it never really stops we just keep posting new fics. Come join us, just give it a try.

Name: Laur
LJ: munklesunkie
Timezone: EST
Series you RP:
The Shield
The Good guys

Characters you RP:
Naruto; Hatake Kakashi

Watchmen; Rorschach, or Nite Owl, or probably anyone

The Good Guys; Dan Stark, OR Jack Bailey

The Shield; Curtis "Lem" Lemansky
Ronnie Gardocki
Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach
David Aceveda (loosely)

Characters you’re looking to interact with:
Naruto; Maito Gai

Watchmen; Daniel Dreiberg most of the cast

The Good Guys; Jack Bailey OR Dan Stark

The Shield; Ronnie Gardocki
Basically ANYONE from the Strike Team.
Curtis "Lem" Lemansky
Claudette Wyms
Vic Mackey
Full cast :3
Pairing (if applicable):

Rorschach/Daniel or Daniel/Rorschach




Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
Naruto;Not really

Watchmen; Comic verse, or movie, whichever. Open to discussions on the time line though.
The Good Guys; The current time in the series :P

The Shield; Anything. Like pre-seies, or AU, or just whatever (I'm really keen on this idea I have for an AU, it's a really Ronnie heavy thing though)

Do you smut?: Occasionally, if it has a point behind it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
You should probably let me know why you're contacting me upon doing so, I could other wise assume it is a friend punking me.
I only feel comfortable RPing with people eighteen or older.
I generally have lots of RP plot ideas, but they aren't always solid, so I'd like to meet someone I can talk to, bounce ideas off of. Maybe work something good out (a good partner).

It's not easy for me to jump in and just RP with someone, if I can't get a good read on the person it's hard for me to RP with them (because it's hard for me to tell if they actually like the RP this way/the way I'm using the character.), I'm open to improving so if you have criticism for me while we're playing together let me know.

And on a side note; I do RP OC's, but only if there's a good plot. I RP yaoi with OC's, if there's a good plot.

But right now I'm looking for Shield RPers.
Though if you're interested in RPing any of the other choices, you can talk to me, and I will provide samples, etc.

I'll leave this post here (usually I go back and delete them after several months), so if you see this some time, and wanna maybe talk to me, go ahead. (Even if it's years after the post was originally posted.)


spn_fic_club  will be having the first round once five members join. Our first fic will be coming from gedry !

Fic Club

spn_fic_club  is a great new community to come and read a fic and then reflect on it from given prompts. Our first challenge starts once five new members join.

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(: (jess/john)
 Do you like THE SUMMER SET? Here's a new community just for TSS fans! 

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